To use the framework you need following jars in the CLASSPATH. Maven 2 users can get all these dependencies by adding following snippet to pom.xml.
      <name>Laughing Panda</name>

Creating a specification

Create specifications. Please see the documentation for details. A set of examples illustrate currently available features.

Creating a runner to launch specifications

Specifications can be launched using JUnit 4 adapter. JUnit 4 runners can be used by annotating the specification with @RunWith annotation.
public class StackSpec extends Specification<Stack<?>> {

Example Maven 2 POM

Copy pom.xml to a directory named jdave-evaluation. Create dirs jdave-evaluation/src/main/java and jdave-evaluation/src/test/java. Then run:
mvn eclipse:eclipse (or mvn idea:idea, etc.)
to create Eclipse metafiles and to download required libs. Specifications can be created to src/test/java directory (name them as * and run as:
mvn test
Coverage can be checked for instance with Cobertura.
mvn clean site
generates Cobertura report at jdave-evaluation/target/site/cobertura/index.html.