addListener(ILifecycleListener) - Method in class jdave.Specification
Add a ILifecycleListener listener to specification.
afterContext(Context) - Method in interface jdave.runner.ISpecVisitor
afterContextCreation(Object, Object) - Method in class jdave.DefaultLifecycleListener
afterContextCreation(Object, Object) - Method in interface jdave.ILifecycleListener
Called just after context's create method has been called.
afterContextDestroy(Object) - Method in class jdave.DefaultLifecycleListener
afterContextDestroy(Object) - Method in interface jdave.ILifecycleListener
Called just after context's destroy method has been called.
afterContextInstantiation(Object) - Method in class jdave.DefaultLifecycleListener
afterContextInstantiation(Object) - Method in interface jdave.ILifecycleListener
Called just after a context has been instantiated.
ALL - Static variable in annotation type jdave.runner.Groups
AllContainment - Class in jdave.containment
AllContainment(Collection<?>) - Constructor for class jdave.containment.AllContainment
AllContainment(Iterator<?>) - Constructor for class jdave.containment.AllContainment
AllContainment(Iterable<?>) - Constructor for class jdave.containment.AllContainment
AnnotatedSpecScanner - Class in jdave.runner
AnnotatedSpecScanner(String) - Constructor for class jdave.runner.AnnotatedSpecScanner
AnyContainment - Class in jdave.containment
AnyContainment(Collection<?>) - Constructor for class jdave.containment.AnyContainment
AnyContainment(Iterator<?>) - Constructor for class jdave.containment.AnyContainment
AnyContainment(Iterable<?>) - Constructor for class jdave.containment.AnyContainment
areAllMatchersUsed(int) - Method in class jdave.Each
asList(Object) - Static method in class jdave.util.Primitives
Assert - Class in jdave.support
Assert() - Constructor for class jdave.support.Assert


be - Variable in class jdave.Not
be - Variable in class jdave.Specification
Behavior - Class in jdave.runner
Behavior(Method) - Constructor for class jdave.runner.Behavior
Block - Interface in jdave


checking(ExpectationBuilder) - Method in class jdave.mock.MockSupport
Specify expectations upon the mock objects in the test.
CloneableContract - Class in jdave.contract
CloneableContract() - Constructor for class jdave.contract.CloneableContract
CollectionContainment - Class in jdave.containment
CollectionContainment(Collection<?>) - Constructor for class jdave.containment.CollectionContainment
CollectionContainment(Iterator<?>) - Constructor for class jdave.containment.CollectionContainment
CollectionContainment(Iterable<?>) - Constructor for class jdave.containment.CollectionContainment
Collections - Class in jdave.util
Collections() - Constructor for class jdave.util.Collections
contain(Object) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containAll(byte[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containAll(short[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containAll(int[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containAll(long[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containAll(float[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containAll(double[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containAll(Collection<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containAll(Object...) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containAll(Iterator<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containAll(Iterable<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containAny(byte[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containAny(short[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containAny(int[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containAny(long[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containAny(float[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containAny(double[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containAny(Collection<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containAny(Object...) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containAny(Iterator<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containAny(Iterable<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containExactly(Collection<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containExactly(byte[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containExactly(short[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containExactly(int[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containExactly(long[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containExactly(float[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containExactly(double[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containExactly(Object...) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containExactly(Iterator<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containExactly(Iterable<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containInOrder(Collection<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containInOrder(Object...) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containInOrder(byte[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containInOrder(short[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containInOrder(int[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containInOrder(long[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containInOrder(float[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containInOrder(double[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containInOrder(Iterator<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containInOrder(Iterable<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containInPartialOrder(Collection<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containInPartialOrder(Object...) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containInPartialOrder(byte[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containInPartialOrder(short[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containInPartialOrder(int[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containInPartialOrder(long[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containInPartialOrder(float[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containInPartialOrder(double[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containInPartialOrder(Iterator<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containInPartialOrder(Iterable<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
ContainmentSupport - Class in jdave
ContainmentSupport() - Constructor for class jdave.ContainmentSupport
contains(Object) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsAll(byte[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsAll(short[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsAll(int[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsAll(long[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsAll(float[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsAll(double[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsAll(Collection<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsAll(Object...) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsAll(Iterator<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsAll(Iterable<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsAny(byte[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsAny(short[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsAny(int[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsAny(long[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsAny(float[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsAny(double[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsAny(Collection<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsAny(Object...) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsAny(Iterator<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsAny(Iterable<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsExactly(byte[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsExactly(short[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsExactly(int[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsExactly(long[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsExactly(float[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsExactly(double[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsExactly(Collection<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsExactly(Object...) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsExactly(Iterator<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsExactly(Iterable<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsInOrder(Collection<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsInOrder(byte[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsInOrder(short[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsInOrder(int[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsInOrder(long[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsInOrder(float[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsInOrder(double[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsInOrder(Object...) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsInOrder(Iterator<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsInOrder(Iterable<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsInPartialOrder(Collection<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsInPartialOrder(byte[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsInPartialOrder(short[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsInPartialOrder(int[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsInPartialOrder(long[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsInPartialOrder(float[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsInPartialOrder(double[]) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsInPartialOrder(Object...) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsInPartialOrder(Iterator<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
containsInPartialOrder(Iterable<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
Context - Class in jdave.runner
Context(Class<? extends Specification<?>>, Class<?>) - Constructor for class jdave.runner.Context
context - Variable in class jdave.Specification
create() - Method in class jdave.Specification
Create this specification.


DEFAULT - Static variable in annotation type jdave.runner.Groups
DefaultLifecycleListener - Class in jdave
DefaultLifecycleListener() - Constructor for class jdave.DefaultLifecycleListener
DeltaEqualityCheck - Class in jdave.equality
DeltaEqualityCheck(Number, double) - Constructor for class jdave.equality.DeltaEqualityCheck
destroy() - Method in class jdave.Specification
Destroy this specification.
destroyContext() - Method in class jdave.runner.ExecutingBehavior
Diff - Class in jdave.util
Diff(String, String) - Constructor for class jdave.util.Diff
diff(String, String) - Static method in class jdave.util.Diff
DIRNAME - Static variable in class jdave.tools.SpecdoxRunner
does - Variable in class jdave.Specification
DoxStoreException - Exception in jdave.tools
DoxStoreException(Exception) - Constructor for exception jdave.tools.DoxStoreException


Each<T> - Class in jdave
Each() - Constructor for class jdave.Each
elements - Variable in class jdave.containment.CollectionContainment
endContext(String) - Method in interface jdave.tools.IDoxFormat
endContext(String) - Method in class jdave.tools.PlainTextFormat
endContext(String) - Method in class jdave.tools.XmlFormat
endSpec(String) - Method in interface jdave.tools.IDoxFormat
endSpec(String) - Method in class jdave.tools.PlainTextFormat
endSpec(String) - Method in class jdave.tools.XmlFormat
equal() - Method in class jdave.contract.EqualsHashCodeContract
equal(Object) - Method in class jdave.Not
equal(Number, double) - Method in class jdave.Not
equal(String) - Method in class jdave.Specification
equal(Object) - Method in class jdave.Specification
equal(Number, double) - Method in class jdave.Specification
EqualsComparableContract<T> - Class in jdave.contract
A contract which enforces the contract between equals method and Comparable interface (or Comparator interface).
EqualsComparableContract() - Constructor for class jdave.contract.EqualsComparableContract
EqualsComparableContract(Comparator<T>) - Constructor for class jdave.contract.EqualsComparableContract
EqualsEqualityCheck - Class in jdave.equality
EqualsEqualityCheck(Object) - Constructor for class jdave.equality.EqualsEqualityCheck
EqualsHashCodeContract<T> - Class in jdave.contract
A contract to ensure that equals method is correctly implemented and is consistent with hashCode method.
EqualsHashCodeContract() - Constructor for class jdave.contract.EqualsHashCodeContract
equivalentByComparisonButNotByEqual() - Method in class jdave.contract.EqualsComparableContract
Return an instance whose compareTo is 0 with given instance, but whose equal returns false.
error(Collection<?>) - Method in class jdave.containment.CollectionContainment
error(Collection<?>) - Method in class jdave.containment.NotContainment
error(Collection<?>) - Method in class jdave.containment.ObjectContainment
error(Object) - Method in class jdave.equality.DeltaEqualityCheck
error(Object) - Method in class jdave.equality.EqualsEqualityCheck
error(Object) - Method in class jdave.equality.NotEqualsEqualityCheck
error(Throwable) - Method in class jdave.ExpectedException
error(Throwable) - Method in class jdave.ExpectedExceptionWithMessage
error(Throwable) - Method in class jdave.ExpectedNoThrow
error(Collection<?>) - Method in interface jdave.IContainment
error(Object) - Method in interface jdave.IEqualityCheck
error(Object) - Method in class jdave.NotDeltaEqualityCheck
error(Method, Throwable) - Method in interface jdave.runner.IBehaviorResults
error(Object) - Method in class jdave.StringEqualsEqualityCheck
ExactContainment - Class in jdave.containment
ExactContainment(Collection<?>) - Constructor for class jdave.containment.ExactContainment
ExactContainment(Iterator<?>) - Constructor for class jdave.containment.ExactContainment
ExactContainment(Iterable<?>) - Constructor for class jdave.containment.ExactContainment
ExactExpectedException<T> - Class in jdave
ExactExpectedException(Class<T>) - Constructor for class jdave.ExactExpectedException
ExactExpectedExceptionWithMessage<T> - Class in jdave
ExactExpectedExceptionWithMessage(Class<? extends T>, String) - Constructor for class jdave.ExactExpectedExceptionWithMessage
ExecutingBehavior - Class in jdave.runner
ExecutingBehavior(Method, Class<? extends Specification<?>>, Class<?>) - Constructor for class jdave.runner.ExecutingBehavior
ExpectationFailedException - Error in jdave
ExpectationFailedException(String) - Constructor for error jdave.ExpectationFailedException
ExpectationFailedException(String, Throwable) - Constructor for error jdave.ExpectationFailedException
expected - Variable in class jdave.equality.EqualsEqualityCheck
expected - Variable in class jdave.ExpectedException
expected(Method) - Method in interface jdave.runner.IBehaviorResults
ExpectedException<T> - Class in jdave
ExpectedException(Class<? extends T>) - Constructor for class jdave.ExpectedException
ExpectedExceptionWithMessage<T> - Class in jdave
ExpectedExceptionWithMessage(Class<? extends T>, String) - Constructor for class jdave.ExpectedExceptionWithMessage
ExpectedNoThrow<T> - Class in jdave
ExpectedNoThrow(ExpectedException<T>) - Constructor for class jdave.ExpectedNoThrow


Field - Class in jdave.injection
field() - Method in class jdave.injection.Field
Fields - Class in jdave.util
Fields() - Constructor for class jdave.util.Fields
FileStore - Class in jdave.tools
FileStore(String) - Constructor for class jdave.tools.FileStore
fireAfterContextCreation(Object, Object) - Method in class jdave.Specification
fireAfterContextDestroy(Object) - Method in class jdave.Specification
fireAfterContextInstantiation(Object) - Method in class jdave.Specification
forEach(IAnnotatedSpecHandler) - Method in class jdave.runner.AnnotatedSpecScanner
FORMAT - Static variable in class jdave.tools.SpecdoxRunner
formatFor(String) - Method in class jdave.tools.SpecdoxRunner
fromCamelCase(String) - Static method in class jdave.tools.Sentence


generate(Class<? extends Specification<?>>, IDoxFormat) - Method in class jdave.tools.Specdox
generate(Class<? extends Specification<?>>) - Method in class jdave.tools.SpecdoxRunner
get() - Method in class jdave.injection.Field
getMethod() - Method in class jdave.runner.Behavior
getName() - Method in class jdave.runner.Behavior
getName() - Method in class jdave.runner.Context
Group - Annotation Type in jdave
Groups - Annotation Type in jdave.runner


handle(String, String...) - Method in interface jdave.runner.IAnnotatedSpecHandler


IAnnotatedSpecHandler - Interface in jdave.runner
IBehaviorResults - Interface in jdave.runner
Used for reporting result of a behavior.
IContainment - Interface in jdave
IContract - Interface in jdave
IDoxFormat - Interface in jdave.tools
IDoxStore - Interface in jdave.tools
IEqualityCheck - Interface in jdave
IFieldInjector - Interface in jdave.injection
ILifecycleListener - Interface in jdave
A listener which will get notifications when new contexts are created.
includes(Collection<String>) - Method in class jdave.runner.Resolution
inject(Field) - Method in interface jdave.injection.IFieldInjector
inject(Object, IFieldInjector) - Method in class jdave.injection.InjectionSupport
InjectionSupport - Class in jdave.injection
Support class to inject values to specifications.
InjectionSupport() - Constructor for class jdave.injection.InjectionSupport
InjectionSupport(int) - Constructor for class jdave.injection.InjectionSupport
InOrderContainment - Class in jdave.containment
InOrderContainment(Collection<?>) - Constructor for class jdave.containment.InOrderContainment
InOrderContainment(Iterator<?>) - Constructor for class jdave.containment.InOrderContainment
InOrderContainment(Iterable<?>) - Constructor for class jdave.containment.InOrderContainment
InPartialOrderContainment - Class in jdave.containment
InPartialOrderContainment(Collection<?>) - Constructor for class jdave.containment.InPartialOrderContainment
InPartialOrderContainment(Iterator<?>) - Constructor for class jdave.containment.InPartialOrderContainment
InPartialOrderContainment(Iterable<?>) - Constructor for class jdave.containment.InPartialOrderContainment
INSTANCE - Static variable in class jdave.mock.JDaveErrorTranslator
IO - Class in jdave.support
IO() - Constructor for class jdave.support.IO
isContextClass() - Method in class jdave.runner.Context
isInDefaultGroup(String, Collection<Annotation>) - Method in class jdave.runner.AnnotatedSpecScanner
ISpecVisitor - Interface in jdave.runner
isSatisfied(Object) - Method in class jdave.contract.CloneableContract
isSatisfied(Object) - Method in class jdave.contract.EqualsComparableContract
isSatisfied(Object) - Method in class jdave.contract.EqualsHashCodeContract
isSatisfied(Object) - Method in class jdave.contract.NotContract
isSatisfied(Object) - Method in class jdave.contract.SerializableContract
isSatisfied(Object) - Method in interface jdave.IContract
item - Variable in class jdave.Each


jdave - package jdave
jdave.containment - package jdave.containment
jdave.contract - package jdave.contract
jdave.equality - package jdave.equality
jdave.injection - package jdave.injection
jdave.mock - package jdave.mock
jdave.runner - package jdave.runner
jdave.support - package jdave.support
jdave.tools - package jdave.tools
jdave.util - package jdave.util
JDaveErrorTranslator - Class in jdave.mock
JDaveErrorTranslator() - Constructor for class jdave.mock.JDaveErrorTranslator


list(Iterator<T>) - Static method in class jdave.util.Collections


matches(Collection<?>) - Method in class jdave.containment.AllContainment
matches(Collection<?>) - Method in class jdave.containment.AnyContainment
matches(Collection<?>) - Method in class jdave.containment.ExactContainment
matches(Collection<?>) - Method in class jdave.containment.InOrderContainment
matches(Collection<?>) - Method in class jdave.containment.InPartialOrderContainment
matches(Collection<?>) - Method in class jdave.containment.NotContainment
matches(Collection<?>) - Method in class jdave.containment.ObjectContainment
matches(Object, Matcher<?>) - Method in class jdave.Each
matches(Object, Matcher<?>...) - Method in class jdave.Each
matches(Object) - Method in class jdave.equality.DeltaEqualityCheck
matches(Object) - Method in class jdave.equality.EqualsEqualityCheck
matches(Object) - Method in class jdave.equality.NotEqualsEqualityCheck
matches(Throwable) - Method in class jdave.ExpectedException
matches(Throwable) - Method in class jdave.ExpectedExceptionWithMessage
matches(Throwable) - Method in class jdave.ExpectedNoThrow
matches(Collection<?>) - Method in interface jdave.IContainment
matches(Object) - Method in interface jdave.IEqualityCheck
matches(Object) - Method in class jdave.NotDeltaEqualityCheck
matchesType(Class<? extends Throwable>) - Method in class jdave.ExactExpectedException
matchesType(Class<? extends Throwable>) - Method in class jdave.ExactExpectedExceptionWithMessage
matchesType(Class<? extends Throwable>) - Method in class jdave.ExpectedException
message - Variable in class jdave.ExpectedExceptionWithMessage
method - Variable in class jdave.runner.Behavior
mock(Class<T>, String) - Method in class jdave.mock.MockSupport
Create a mock object of type T with an explicit name.
mock(Class<T>) - Method in class jdave.mock.MockSupport
Create a mock object of type T with a name derived from its type.
mockery() - Method in class jdave.mock.MockSupport
MockSupport - Class in jdave.mock
Note, most of these methods are copied from jmock MockObjectTestCase.
MockSupport() - Constructor for class jdave.mock.MockSupport


needsThreadLocalIsolation() - Method in class jdave.Specification
Returns true if thread local isolation is needed for this specification.
newAllContainment(Collection<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
newAllContainment(Iterator<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
newAllContainment(Iterable<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
newAllContainment(Collection<?>) - Method in class jdave.Not
newAllContainment(Iterable<?>) - Method in class jdave.Not
newAllContainment(Iterator<?>) - Method in class jdave.Not
newAnyContainment(Collection<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
newAnyContainment(Iterator<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
newAnyContainment(Iterable<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
newAnyContainment(Collection<?>) - Method in class jdave.Not
newAnyContainment(Iterable<?>) - Method in class jdave.Not
newAnyContainment(Iterator<?>) - Method in class jdave.Not
newBehavior(Method, Class<? extends Specification<?>>, Class<?>) - Method in class jdave.runner.Context
newBehavior(String) - Method in interface jdave.tools.IDoxFormat
newBehavior(String) - Method in class jdave.tools.PlainTextFormat
newBehavior(String) - Method in class jdave.tools.XmlFormat
newContext(Specification<?>) - Method in class jdave.runner.ExecutingBehavior
newContext(String) - Method in interface jdave.tools.IDoxFormat
newContext(String) - Method in class jdave.tools.PlainTextFormat
newContext(String) - Method in class jdave.tools.XmlFormat
newEqualityCheck(Object) - Method in class jdave.containment.InOrderContainment
newEqualityCheck(Object) - Method in class jdave.containment.InPartialOrderContainment
newExactContainment(Collection<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
newExactContainment(Iterator<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
newExactContainment(Iterable<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
newExactContainment(Collection<?>) - Method in class jdave.Not
newExactContainment(Iterable<?>) - Method in class jdave.Not
newExactContainment(Iterator<?>) - Method in class jdave.Not
newFile(File, String) - Method in class jdave.tools.FileStore
newInOrderContainment(Collection<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
newInOrderContainment(Iterator<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
newInOrderContainment(Iterable<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
newInOrderContainment(Collection<?>) - Method in class jdave.Not
newInOrderContainment(Iterable<?>) - Method in class jdave.Not
newInOrderContainment(Iterator<?>) - Method in class jdave.Not
newInPartialOrderContainment(Collection<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
newInPartialOrderContainment(Iterator<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
newInPartialOrderContainment(Iterable<?>) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
newInPartialOrderContainment(Collection<?>) - Method in class jdave.Not
newInPartialOrderContainment(Iterable<?>) - Method in class jdave.Not
newInPartialOrderContainment(Iterator<?>) - Method in class jdave.Not
newObjectContainment(Object) - Method in class jdave.ContainmentSupport
newObjectContainment(Object) - Method in class jdave.Not
newSpec(String, String) - Method in interface jdave.tools.IDoxFormat
newSpec(String, String) - Method in class jdave.tools.PlainTextFormat
newSpec(String, String) - Method in class jdave.tools.XmlFormat
newSpecification() - Method in class jdave.runner.ExecutingBehavior
NoContextInitializerSpecifiedException - Exception in jdave
NoContextInitializerSpecifiedException(String, Throwable) - Constructor for exception jdave.NoContextInitializerSpecifiedException
nonEqual() - Method in class jdave.contract.EqualsHashCodeContract
Not<T> - Class in jdave
Not(Specification<T>) - Constructor for class jdave.Not
not() - Method in class jdave.Specification
NotContainment - Class in jdave.containment
NotContainment(IContainment) - Constructor for class jdave.containment.NotContainment
NotContract - Class in jdave.contract
NotContract(IContract) - Constructor for class jdave.contract.NotContract
NotDeltaEqualityCheck - Class in jdave
NotDeltaEqualityCheck(Number, double) - Constructor for class jdave.NotDeltaEqualityCheck
NotEqualsEqualityCheck - Class in jdave.equality
NotEqualsEqualityCheck(Object) - Constructor for class jdave.equality.NotEqualsEqualityCheck
notNull(Object, String) - Static method in class jdave.support.Assert
notThrown() - Method in class jdave.ExpectedException


ObjectContainment - Class in jdave.containment
ObjectContainment(Object) - Constructor for class jdave.containment.ObjectContainment
onBehavior(Behavior) - Method in interface jdave.runner.ISpecVisitor
onContext(Context) - Method in interface jdave.runner.ISpecVisitor


PlainTextFormat - Class in jdave.tools
PlainTextFormat() - Constructor for class jdave.tools.PlainTextFormat
preceding() - Method in class jdave.contract.EqualsComparableContract
Return an instance which should preceed the given instance.
Primitives - Class in jdave.util
Primitives() - Constructor for class jdave.util.Primitives


raise(Class<E>) - Method in class jdave.Not
raise(Class<E>, String) - Method in class jdave.Not
raise(Class<E>) - Method in class jdave.Specification
raise(Class<E>, String) - Method in class jdave.Specification
raiseAnyException() - Method in class jdave.Not
No exception is expected from Block.
raiseExactly(Class<E>) - Method in class jdave.Not
raiseExactly(Class<E>) - Method in class jdave.Specification
raiseExactly(Class<E>, String) - Method in class jdave.Specification
read(InputStream) - Static method in class jdave.support.IO
ReflectionException - Exception in jdave.injection
ReflectionException(Exception) - Constructor for exception jdave.injection.ReflectionException
Resolution - Class in jdave.runner
Resolution(Groups) - Constructor for class jdave.runner.Resolution
run() - Method in interface jdave.Block
run(IBehaviorResults) - Method in class jdave.runner.Behavior
run(IBehaviorResults) - Method in class jdave.runner.ExecutingBehavior
run(Class<T>, ISpecVisitor) - Method in class jdave.runner.SpecRunner


satisfies(IContract) - Method in class jdave.Specification
satisfy(IContract) - Method in class jdave.Not
Sentence - Class in jdave.tools
sequence(String) - Method in class jdave.mock.MockSupport
Returns a new sequence that is used to constrain the order in which expectations can occur.
SerializableContract - Class in jdave.contract
SerializableContract() - Constructor for class jdave.contract.SerializableContract
set(Object) - Method in class jdave.injection.Field
set(Object, String, Object) - Static method in class jdave.util.Fields
setDefaultResultForType(Class<?>, Object) - Method in class jdave.mock.MockSupport
Sets the result returned for the given type when no return value has been explicitly specified in the expectation.
should - Variable in class jdave.Specification
Specdox - Class in jdave.tools
Specdox(IDoxStore) - Constructor for class jdave.tools.Specdox
SpecdoxRunner - Class in jdave.tools
SpecdoxRunner() - Constructor for class jdave.tools.SpecdoxRunner
Specification<T> - Class in jdave
Specification() - Constructor for class jdave.Specification
specify(boolean) - Method in class jdave.Specification
specify(T, boolean) - Method in class jdave.Specification
specify(T, Boolean) - Method in class jdave.Specification
specify(Iterable<?>, IContainment) - Method in class jdave.Specification
specify(Iterator<?>, IContainment) - Method in class jdave.Specification
specify(Collection<?>, IContainment) - Method in class jdave.Specification
specify(Object[], IContainment) - Method in class jdave.Specification
specify(boolean[], IContainment) - Method in class jdave.Specification
specify(byte[], IContainment) - Method in class jdave.Specification
specify(char[], IContainment) - Method in class jdave.Specification
specify(double[], IContainment) - Method in class jdave.Specification
specify(float[], IContainment) - Method in class jdave.Specification
specify(int[], IContainment) - Method in class jdave.Specification
specify(long[], IContainment) - Method in class jdave.Specification
specify(short[], IContainment) - Method in class jdave.Specification
specify(Object, Object) - Method in class jdave.Specification
specify(Object, IEqualityCheck) - Method in class jdave.Specification
specify(Object, Matcher<?>) - Method in class jdave.Specification
Matches the actual object using Hamcrest Matcher.
specify(Collection<?>, Where<?>) - Method in class jdave.Specification
Matches all the actual objects using Hamcrest Matcher.
specify(Iterable<?>, Where<?>) - Method in class jdave.Specification
specify(Object[], Where<?>) - Method in class jdave.Specification
specify(Iterator<?>, Where<?>) - Method in class jdave.Specification
specify(Block, ExpectedException<V>) - Method in class jdave.Specification
The given block is expected to throw an exception.
specify(Block, ExpectedNoThrow<V>) - Method in class jdave.Specification
The given block is expected to not throw an exception.
specify(Object, IContract) - Method in class jdave.Specification
SpecRunner - Class in jdave.runner
SpecRunner() - Constructor for class jdave.runner.SpecRunner
states(String) - Method in class jdave.mock.MockSupport
Returns a new state machine that is used to constrain the order in which expectations can occur.
store(String, String, String) - Method in class jdave.tools.FileStore
store(String, String, String) - Method in interface jdave.tools.IDoxStore
StringEqualsEqualityCheck - Class in jdave
StringEqualsEqualityCheck(String) - Constructor for class jdave.StringEqualsEqualityCheck
subsequent() - Method in class jdave.contract.EqualsComparableContract
Return an instance which should be after the given instance.
subType() - Method in class jdave.contract.EqualsHashCodeContract
Generally subtypes should not equal with super types.
suffix() - Method in interface jdave.tools.IDoxFormat
suffix() - Method in class jdave.tools.PlainTextFormat
suffix() - Method in class jdave.tools.XmlFormat


toString() - Method in class jdave.containment.CollectionContainment
toString() - Method in class jdave.containment.ObjectContainment
toString() - Method in interface jdave.tools.IDoxFormat
toString() - Method in class jdave.tools.PlainTextFormat
toString() - Method in class jdave.tools.Sentence
toString() - Method in class jdave.tools.XmlFormat
translate(ExpectationError) - Method in class jdave.mock.JDaveErrorTranslator


unexpected(Method, ExpectationFailedException) - Method in interface jdave.runner.IBehaviorResults


verbose() - Method in class jdave.util.Diff
verifyMocks() - Method in class jdave.mock.MockSupport
visit(Class<T>, ISpecVisitor) - Method in class jdave.runner.SpecRunner


where(Each<E>) - Method in class jdave.Specification
write(File, String) - Static method in class jdave.support.IO


XmlFormat - Class in jdave.tools
XmlFormat() - Constructor for class jdave.tools.XmlFormat


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