BDD framework for Java

Behavior Driven Development (BDD) is a refinement for Test Driven Development (TDD). It is not a radical change from TDD, in fact the actual process of doing BDD is exactly same as in TDD. The vocabulary is just different. While it is possible to practice BDD with any unit testing tool, it is believed that this change should be reflected in used tools too.

JDave is a BDD framework for Java. It is inspired by rspec and integrates JMock 2 as mocking framework and Hamcrest as matching library. It uses JUnit adapter to launch JDave specifications. This way it is possible to have IDE, build tool and coverage tool support from day one.


  • Jan 20 2011, version 1.2 released
  • - Various improvements and fixes too numerous to summarize after the fact. See commits since previous official release...
  • Dec 1 2008, version 1.1 released (same as 1.1-rc3)
  • Oct 13 2008, version 1.1-rc3 released
  • Oct 12 2008, version 1.1-rc2 released
  • Feb 18 2008, version 1.0 released